Welcome to Gina Jones Creations, the premier destination for unique and personal family portrait paintings.

As a mother and artist based in Far North Queensland, Australia, I understand the importance of capturing and preserving special moments in our families' lives. That's why I offer custom family portrait paintings that are truly one-of-a-kind.




Claim to Fame

One of the things that sets my work apart from others is that I use breastmilk as a medium in some of my pieces, creating beautiful and meaningful breastmilk art. This unique approach to art has gained much media attention over the years and has been featured in many publications, radio, and tv interviews across Australia.

My process for preserving the breastmilk is world first and protected by patent. I also offer a 5 year warranty for extra peace of mind. Not only is this breastmilk art beautiful, but it also serves as a breastmilk keepsake, allowing mothers to keep a special part of their child with them forever.


Art Styles 

My art styles often center around themes of family, love, and growth. I use alcohol ink to create my paintings, which gives the finished product a dreamy, watercolor-like effect. I am available for commissioning bespoke pieces of original wall art in a range of sizes.



How does the portrait process work?

The portrait process is simple, after receiving your photo, I convert it in Photoshop to produce a vinyl stencil that gets applied to the synthetic paper. Then I paint over the stencil with your chosen inks and additives, remove the stencil to reveal the white space, and if the breastmilk option has been selected, I then apply the treated breastmilk to the white space. The painting is then sealed with several sealants and varnish.



At Gina Jones Creations, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality family portrait paintings and breastmilk art. Browse our website to learn more about our services and view our gallery of past work. If you have any questions or would like to commission a painting, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Gina Jones