Portrait Paintings

Here are some tips for selecting the right photos to send in:

File size:  preferably high resolution as more detail will come through into the painting. I have a suite of software to enhance low resolution photos, so I have managed to obtain great results from low quality photos before.

File type: all

Photo features: detailed fabrics in clothing look great in a painting.

Make sure the top of the head is not cut off, if its only slightly cut off that's fine, I can edit it.

Posture: I find subjects looking at each other in the photo provides a warmer vibe in the painting, although looking out towards the camera is still beautiful.

Accessories: try to remove glasses, hats, pacifiers etc if possible

I use your precious family photo or any given photo to create the negative white space that you will see on example paintings on the website.

With the use of Photoshop I create a stencil which is printed onto vinyl which, when after being weeded is applied to a synthetic paper.

The paintings are then created with alcohol inks.

Breastmilk Portrait Paintings

No, you can use breastmilk that is several years old and it will still be fine to include in the artwork.

The recommendations you see regarding storage times for breastmilk is applicable to when you are feeding your milk to your infant/child only.

Yes, frozen breastmilk is perfectly fine to use.

If you are not wanting to defrost a whole bag, break off a piece of frozen breastmilk roughly 6cm x 6xm and 1cm thick.

This works out to roughly 10mls.

Yes I do. I have been granted an import license from the Australian department of agriculture. Further information can be found on the Order Process page, but please let me know if you need more information.

Yes. I have conducted a yeast and mold test through Symbio Laboratories. The samples came back with zero yeast or mold growth.

A copy of the report can be found here if you wish to read it.

Breastmilk jewelers use breastmilk preservation powders. This varies between different jewelers, and most will keep their method as a closely guarded secret.

My first painting I tried using preservation powder and the effect was very gritty, so I decided I would develop my own method. The method has been in development for a long time, and finally I have a result that doesn't spoil, does not smell, gives a smooth result and is a process I can proudly stand behind.

The process has been scientifically tested and verified by third party laboratories.

As this is a process developed by myself I have protected the Breastmilk Portrait Paintings under Intellectual Property. 

Place an order online for your portrait and please ensure you have uploaded a photo

Please put 10mls of breastmilk into a ziplock bag.I recommend double bagging the breastmilk to protect against any possible spillage during shipping.

Please send to the following address via EXPRESS Post, advising me of the tracking number:
Gina Jones Creations
Parcel Locker 10069 69750
38 Sheridan Street
Cairns City

Once the order is placed and your breastmilk is received, the breastmilk will go through the preservation/treatment process.

When I have the photos and breastmilk I will start on the photo conversion and painting.

After the painting is completed and has been sealed, I will send you a photo and video of the final painting.

I allow 48hours to allow all the layers of sealants to cure. After that I will post out your lovingly gift wrapped painting.

Processing Times

Please expect up to 2 weeks to complete the painting.

This excludes shipping times.

These are usually printed and shipped out within 2-3 days.